The NEXT BIG thing in fighting chronic pain

The innovative device that will eliminate chronic pain among millions of people.


About 20% of the adult western population suffers from chronic pain.

In addition to pain impact on the quality of life, there is also a heavy economic cost and hundreds of millions of people spend huge sums on pain treatment. 

Most of the treatments currently offered are chronic. The patient is required to take pills throughout his life. large proportion of the drugs used create dependence Opioid has become a public health crisis in USA.


Nanomaterial Focus ablation of individual painful sensory nerve keeping all motor and nearby sensory neurons.

Focus in ablating only the relevant painful nerve in the DRG, keeps 99% of the ganglion nerve, can be perform on more than one DRG simultaneously.

Focus Ablation process

  1. Inject the painful organ with Nanomaterial molecule.
  2. Project the corresponding DRG.
  3. Selective ablation of the pain nerves keeps 99% of the DRG.

Meet Our Team

Michael Zilbershlag

Chairman & Co Founder

Serial entrepreneur with vast R&D experience in medical devices and system engineering. 

Parallel to NanoPainkiller Michael is CEO and founder of Leviticus Cardio developer of wireless power transfer system capable of providing the day-to-day power needs of available VAD implants. Michael is the founder of GenesisOS, a developer of advanced DRM solutions for embedded systems; Bsc, MBA.

Shlomo Tsuriel

PhD. Chief scientist, Co-Founder

PhD in Neuroscience (Technion) During his Postdoc at Harvard Shlomo developed the NPS method. A technique that is based on neuronal tracers and enables the mapping neuronal networks. Later he was a Pain Researcher at the Hebrew university medical school and Sheba pain rehabilitation center. In his research he developed “Painbow” method for tracing neuronal changed during the development of neuropathic pain. Currently he is the head of the pathology research lab at TAMC (Ichilov). 


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